About Us

As part of the Murphy family business, Murphy Rigging and Erecting has been servicing clients throughout the world for 110 years.  As we have grown, so has our passion for excellence with every job that we touch. We believe long-term success in this industry is earned, and we invest in our infrastructure, people, material and customers to drive that success.  Murphy is constantly planning ahead to the next stage for our growth and development.  Our experience allows us to plan ahead and anticipate any customer need, leading to a great experience every time!

We are proudly owned under the fourth-generation of Murphy family leadership, but our company’s family ties don’t stop there.  Many of our employees represent the second or third generation of their families to work for Murphy, many of whom also have been with the company for almost two decades!  We attribute this success to good, honest business practices, a strong customer base and the pride that we take in each rigging, erecting, millwright or heavy haul job!