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Choosing a Heavy Machinery Storage Partner

Murphy Rigging offers secure warehouse space for all of your heavy machinery and equipment. If you’re an owner, manufacturer, supplier, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), contractor, or dealer in need of secure and adaptable machinery or equipment storage, we’re the company for you.

That being said, allow us to prove it by illustrating how we consistently meet all of the best practices you should consider when seeking a partner for your heavy machinery storage needs.

Since your heavy machinery represents a significant financial investment, we make certain to treat your equipment with the utmost respect. Proper storage of construction equipment can extend the useful life of your machinery and reduce the risk of damage. Next time you need to store heavy machinery, remember these five suggestions.

Five Heavy Machinery Storage Best Practices

While there is never a guarantee that your equipment will be perfectly safe when kept in a heavy machinery storage facility, following these best practices will surely enhance the likelihood of a successful experience.

Prepare Equipment for Storage

Be sure to give your equipment a full checkup and service before placing it in storage for an extended period of time. Here are the procedures to follow to get your machine ready for storage:

  • In order to prevent condensation from forming in fuel and hydraulic tanks, it is recommended that they be topped off.
  • Take care of minor flaws like chips so they don’t get worse when stored.
  • Tires should be slightly over inflated to prevent premature flattening.
  • Sweep out any dust and debris to avoid any permanent harm.
  • Adjust fasteners to ensure components stay in place.

Perform Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Keep up regular inspections and maintenance per the guidelines laid forth in the equipment’s user handbook while it is in storage. Taking good care of your equipment while it’s in storage will keep it in working order and protect it from accidental harm. Equipment should be started once a week to keep the engine oiled and the batteries charged.

Use Security and Technology

While looking for a place to store machinery and equipment, security should be your top priority. A comprehensive system of security measures, including cameras, alarms, and guards, should function in unison to prevent any unwanted intrusions. In addition to our interior equipment warehouse space, we also provide the finest outdoor industrial storage in our gated, secure yards. When necessary, we can adjust our safety precautions to fit the needs of our clients.

Follow Manufacturer’s Recommendations

In situations where the load height exceeds the legal limit of 8’6″, these trailers are substituted for standard flatbeds. Loads up to 10 feet, 6 inches in height may be transported on these trailers without the need for special authorization.

Get guidance on how to properly store your equipment straight from the manufacturer. The maker of your machine may provide you with storage guidelines tailored to your individual machine. Check out the following places to see if you can discover any suggestions:

Operator’s Manual: In addition to instructions on care and maintenance, your model’s operator’s handbook may also include advice about correct storage.

Customer Service: Call your manufacturer’s customer support department to learn if they can provide any more resources.

Manufacturer’s website: Browse the manufacturer’s website for paperwork and blog posts stating optimal practices for storage.

Avoid Storage if Possible

This may seem counterintuitive for a heavy machinery storage company to say, but if you can avoid the need to store your equipment, you should do so. That’s not because we can’t safely protect your valuable equipment, it’s simply because any storage allows for the possibility of theft, damage, wear, or other unexpected surprises.

Reasons for Heavy Machinery Storage

While there may be a variety of reasons to work with a heavy machinery storage partner, there are some reasons that tend to be cited more often than others. If you fall into these categories then you align well with our standard storage clients.

Plant Relocation

The most effective and inexpensive plant relocations are achieved through the use of off-site storage, sequential staging, and just-in-time delivery of machinery, equipment, and materials. Don’t let your business suffer because of a lack of staging space. In the event of a facility relocation, we have the resources and expertise to ensure as little disruption to your operations as possible during the process.

Keep in mind that Murphy is also a rigging and millwright company. When it comes time for your project we can travel to your site, safely disassemble the machinery, and store the individual components in our climate-controlled facility. When the time comes to relocate, we’ll disassemble everything for you and then reassemble it at your new location.


If you’ve recently acquired a machine but aren’t quite ready to put it into service, warehousing it may be the best option. It’s possible that the best price is only available if you buy in advance, either because of favorable exchange rates or limited-time specials. Once again, now is the moment to make a storage commitment.

You may need to find a short-term location for your equipment if, like in a relocation scenario, you need time to get your new site ready before installation. All of your machinery can be moved to our warehouse until it is time to be sent to the new plant or to your end customer’s location.


The second-hand market is a common receptacle for surplus machinery, but converting your manufacturing floor into a sales display is wasteful. Moving the machine to a storage facility gives you a ready-made showroom where potential purchasers can come see it in action.

In some cases, machines may become obsolete but still represent a useful asset. It has potential resale value and is therefore too nice to throw out. Under these conditions, Murphy Rigging is able to retrieve the machine and safely stow it away in our warehouse until refurbishment or further disposition.

How Murphy Rigging Delivers

Murphy’s specialized warehousing and distribution services are useful for businesses of all types. Our services include not only millwrighting, rigging, and erecting, but also distribution and warehousing along with our secure outdoor commercial storage. Murphy can accommodate every need, from extra truck parking to the storage of a wide variety of heavy machinery and equipment, thanks to the availability of both inside climate-controlled storage and outdoor industrial storage.

Specific types of machinery are needed for loading, transferring, and storing equipment in our industrial outdoor storage. We own heavy-duty forklifts and other moving machinery that is designed especially to be used outdoors and with oversized loads. Get your heavy machinery storage project started by consulting with our team of experts. We have the ability to adapt to your unique needs and ensure safe and secure machinery storage services.