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Rigging Safety, Heavy Equipment Safety

Rigging Safety

At Murphy Rigging and Erecting, we value our customers and employees’ safety. We take pride in making sure our employees are receiving up-to-date safety training as well as make sure that the proper personnel are able to get projects done safely. We make sure that all employees are trained under the most recent OSHA standards so that we can complete projects not only carefully but on time and within budget restraints.

Murphy is a family-owned brand dedicated to the safety of its stakeholders. Our team has been built through more than 110 years of experience in rigging operations. Many of our team members are second-generation employees of Murphy. We take extra care in upgrading safety infrastructure, providing mandatory training, and incentivizing certifications in specialized rigging jobs.

The Murphy Rigging Safety Standard

Murphy promises to maintain an impeccable safety standard by ingraining OSHA’s guidelines into our rigging process. The safety of every rigging project is vetted at every stage of operation by professional riggers. Some of our rigging safety measures include:

  • Efficient signaling and communication for a quick halt
  • A thorough inspection of rigging hardware
  • Extra care for objects with sharp edges
  • Never exceed tested limits of rigging hardware
  • Weather check and geomorphology test during crane/derrick setups
  • Barricades against swing radius of heavy loads
  • Mount and dismount by professional millwrights

The Murphy Safety Mantra: Stay Aware, Stay Safe

Murphy’s greatest asset is our workers. That is why we invest in providing the best rigging safety gear and follow best practices for equipment inspection before and after every rigging operation. We believe in a bottom-up approach for instilling solid safety standards, ensuring that every groundworker knows OSHA safety guidelines.

Apart from the safety standards, the experience of the senior riggers on our team gives us the confidence to undertake projects of any size. With Murphy as your rigging partner, you can expect the following from our riggers:

  • Able to comply with all OSHA safety procedures
  • Trained on safety hazards associated with rigging jobs
  • Forecast potential hazards during the planning stage
  • Well versed in heavy equipment safety tips
  • Understand the center of gravity in abstract size heavy machinery
  • Identify pinch points and blind spots on the construction site
  • Familiar with specialized rigging techniques and construction equipment
  • Adapt new rigging strategies for a customized construction project
  • Practical knowledge of weight loads and equipment capabilities
  • Structural awareness for crane setup area
  • Rigging safety inspections before every operation
  • Able to identify unsafe conditions and halt immediately

Murphy Rigging is also certified to provide specialized rigging services. We have fulfilled rigging requirements for diverse clients ranging from private enterprises to government departments. Working with heavy equipment rigging for decades has taught us to predict potential risks using a wide range of variables. Apart from on-site experience, our riggers, millwrights, and construction workers have completed various courses and seminars like:

  • OSHA 30-Hour Construction Course
  • OSHA 10-Hour Construction Course
  • Rigging Qualifications and Safety Standards
  • Crane Signalers Seminar
  • Confined Space Course
  • Fall Protection Equipment
  • Human Performance
  • MSDS/GHS Training