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Specialized Rigging Equipment

Rigging is the art of moving the unthinkable.

At Murphy, we take the time to understand the intricate needs of your relocation. We love to invest in state-of-the-art specialized rigging equipment to fulfill cross-industry needs.

The right rigging equipment combined with unrivaled expertise can do wonders for relocation projects of every size and scale. Our range of crane rigging equipment includes modular lifting towers, heavy-duty sliding gantry systems, jacks/rollers, tuggers, overhead cranes, and modern leveling equipment.

We also provide a wide range of lifting sling choices like wire rope slings, alloy chain slings, synthetic slings, web slings, round slings, twin-path round slings, and metal mesh slings.

Specialized Rigging Equipment, Specialty Rigging

Wide Choice of Specialized Rigging Equipment

We have the most extensive inventory of crane rigging equipment in the entire Midwest. You can now choose from the following list of rigging equipment.

3,000-60,000 lbs.

35,000 lbs and 120,000 lbs.

Gantry Systems
2,000- 800,000 lbs.

Boom Truck Services
15,000 – 40,000 lbs.

Truck Crane Services
60,000-900,000 lbs

Winch Tractors and Specialized Trailers
Specialized tractors to handle projects of every scope

Tri-axle, Air-ride Tiltbed Trucks
Tilting bed trailers; Air ride trailers up to 800,000 lbs

Tramming and optical leveling equipment
Laser leveling; Tramming systems for equipment of all sizes

Precision hand tools and air dollies
Tools for any Millwright job

When you have an elephant in the room, we are here to help you relocate it.