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Industries Served

Industrial Rigging Industries Served

Murphy Rigging is a pioneer in industrial rigging and millwright services. Our experience combined with our inventory capabilities makes us a cost-effective and competent rigger for any job, be it heavy haul for factories or fine art for museums. We’ve developed a strong ethos over more than 100 years of service in numerous industries, and our services reflect our values.

You can count on Murphy Rigging for rigging, machinery relocation, millwrighting, mechanical installation, and other industrial rigging services in a variety of sectors, including rail, manufacturing, printing, medical, telecom, and more. Regardless of your industry, you can rely on Murphy Rigging for your upcoming heavy relocation, valuable equipment move, and other forms of rigging needs.

Printing Press Rigging


We have planned and executed critical rigging projects in the printing industry. We have proved our expertise in handling heavy printing machinery for Gannett Publishing and USA Today. We handled all installations with extreme care and high accuracy. You can trust us for any industrial rigging such as commercial printing press relocation projects.


Murphy Rigging has become a household name for medical industry rigging services. We have relocated countless machines for some of Minnesota’s most respected hospitals and clinics. We have also successfully moved X-Ray machines, MRI machines, and lab equipment. Most medical payloads are heavy but fragile and need specialized rigging plans. We can relocate your expensive hardware through tight spaces with minimal damage to the surroundings.

telecom rigging


Murphy Rigging is experienced in all aspects of telecom rigging. We have worked extensively on moving heavy industrial-scale equipment through challenging terrain and operational constraints. Our pinnacle project in the telecom rigging field would be the installation of a new “Weather Ball” by KSTP on top of their building. It was a delicate rigging job requiring high levels of accuracy and rigging acumen.

Millwright Services


With up to 450-ton capacity, no machinery is too big for Murphy Rigging to handle. Our investments in capacity-building have helped us become a go-to service provider in the region for industrial rigging and the moving of manufacturing equipment. Whether you have a new machine to be installed in your plant or need to relocate an entire manufacturing facility, our experience in moving heavy equipment will help you achieve high standards of safety and precision.

Rigging and Millwright, Machinery Movers

Art / Museum

Murphy Rigging is proud to have relocated delicate and fragile art pieces for local museums. We have expanded our hoisting and rigging inventory of wire rope since chain hoists can’t provide the required flexibility for handling fragile goods. Our team also has extensive experience in handling delicate artwork and pressure-sensitive materials.

Rigging Company


Murphy Rigging has a proven track record of handling rail freight and moving items of any size. We have access to all Class 1 Rail providers through private spurs on our logistics campus for operational ease. We also provide heavy-duty gantry systems and heavy rigging chain hoists to handle all your heavy equipment with care.

Food & Beverage Rigging

Food & Beverage

Throughout the Midwest, we offer turnkey industrial plant & manufacturing moving services for the food & beverage industries. Breweries, packing companies, bottling plants, and food processing facilities are just a few of the places where our team has worked. We recognize that this industry requires extra care and attention to detail.

Murphy Rigging can assist you with every step of the process, from planning your transfer to machinery commissioning and ongoing maintenance. Moving your heavy equipment is just one aspect of the job. You can rely on Murphy Rigging’s highly qualified Millwrights to assist you with every step of your industrial equipment moving and installation project. Our rigging projects typically involve crucial steps like placement, erection and installation, alignment, power source hookup, operational testing, and more.