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Specialized Rigging Equipment Rental

Rigging Equipment Rental

Reliable Rigging Equipment Rental

When working on large projects, you will often require various rigging tools, such as cranes, slings, and hoist hooks. Although you can buy large rigging equipment like cranes for yourself, doing so isn’t necessarily a wise financial decision.

Purchasing such rigging equipment generally increases the price of any project. The time it takes for your investment to start paying off could be years, given the running and maintenance expenditures. Because of this, the majority of businesses prefer to rent equipment instead.

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Rigging Rental vs Purchase

To complete your rigging and lifting projects, you don’t have to purchase and possess every piece of equipment in your fleet. Rigging equipment rental is a cost-effective approach to meet all of your company’s requirements. In actuality, the rigging rental market is booming. With a CAGR of 4.62%, the market for crane rentals alone is expected to grow from $44.64 billion in 2021 to $67.03 billion in 2030.

If you are considering rigging rental, you should educate yourself on the advantages of renting rigging gear first. Let’s examine a few advantages of renting rigging equipment rather than purchasing the same equipment on your own.


The fact that purchasing lifting and rigging equipment is a capital investment that most businesses cannot afford is arguably the main justification for rigging equipment rental. Additionally, you must take into account the annual depreciation related to equipment ownership.

Rigging rental, by comparison, is more affordable and doesn’t force you to worry about depreciation. In other words, it might be quite cost-effective in the long term to rent rigging equipment rather than buy it.

Rent Only When You Need It

One of the most overlooked advantages of renting equipment is flexibility. Most businesses do not frequently require lifting and rigging equipment. When they do, they generally only need it for a day or two.

Rentals of rigging hardware provide the flexibility that occasional users cannot find when purchasing the equipment outright. Whether you need the equipment for specific work or just a few days, rigging rentals are almost always more affordable.

Support and Maintenance

You get more than just a machine when you use Murphy for rigging equipment rental. To begin with, Murphy Rigging offers only equipment that has been consistently maintained and serviced. Our equipment is dependable, certified, and safe to use.

This drastically lowers the chance of;

  • Equipment malfunction
  • Safety risks
  • Financial setbacks
  • Delays in projects

In the event that the equipment malfunctions, Murphy will offer the required assistance. Rigging rentals frequently include provisions for dependable parts and repair assistance. When necessary, you can have the required parts delivered. If more hands-on help is needed, Murphy Rigging can also send a qualified expert to the site to repair the machinery.

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Lower Costs for Repair and Maintenance

Rigging equipment rental has the added benefit of having lower maintenance and repair costs. Unlike when you own the equipment yourself, you don’t have to pay for maintenance and repairs for the duration of the rigging equipment’s life. You also don’t have to staff employees whose primary job is to repair and maintain the rigging equipment.

Most significantly, perhaps, is the cost of ordering and storing replacement parts, along with the expense of the downtime a non-functioning machine brings. Emergency repairs can sometimes be more expensive than the cost of renting rigging for a few days. Because of this, if you urgently require lifting and rigging equipment, rentals are a better choice.

Rigging Equipment Storage

When you purchase lifting and rigging equipment, you must keep it in a secure location. For instance, you’ll need dry, protected, well-ventilated spaces or sheds to store wire ropes. They must also be kept off the ground and away from chemicals, brine, steam, water, and other fumes. That task takes a lot of time and money.

Because specialized equipment is only occasionally used, it will most likely be inactive in your storage for days or even weeks until you need it again. Your overall costs will increase as you maintain it to be functional and clean.

Fortunately, rigging equipment rental eliminates the requirement to store the equipment after the job is finished. As soon as your project is over, Murphy Rigging will remove it. Rigging rentals ultimately result in cost, time, and storage space savings.

Vast Inventory

The majority of rigging and lifting projects call for several pieces of equipment. Some tasks could also require specialized equipment. When working with Murphy for our rigging equipment rental, you are able to rent the precise piece of equipment from a professional and trusted rigging rental company.

The best feature is that you may choose from a huge selection that fits your precise needs, without visiting our warehouse. Check with our rigging rental team to see what inventory is available. Through Murphy, you can rent a variety of lifting and rigging tools under one roof.

Our current selection of available rigging equipment includes;

  • Forklifts 5,000# capacity to 15,000# capacity
  • Versalifts: 25/35, 40/60
  • Telehandler: 6,000# and 12,000# capacity
  • Hydraulic Gantry: 200 ton and 400 ton
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The Clear Benefits of Rigging Equipment Rental

As you can see, there are countless benefits to your business when using rigging equipment rental over purchasing the equipment yourself.

You may complete your work without entering a long-term commitment by renting lifting and rigging equipment. If you are unsure of what you need, it is also one of the greatest approaches to uncovering appropriate solutions.

Are you searching to buy or rent top-notch rigging equipment? Rigging rentals are available from reputable manufacturer Holloway Houston, which also sells top-notch lifting and rigging tools. We also provide testing and inspection services for rigging apparatus.

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