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Equipment Transportation

Equipment Hauling and Heavy Haul

Murphy Rigging and Erecting has been the premier machinery and equipment hauling company in Minnesota for many decades. We specialize in transporting everything from standard pallet-sized commodities all the way through heavy haul and oversized loads.

Our specialized heavy haul equipment is able to handle the most difficult rigging projects in any environment. We haul locally and nationally, using all air-ride equipment to protect your valuable machinery during a single machine move or entire plant relocation.

It’s crucial to take all the necessary precautions while transporting a piece of equipment to a job site, whether it’s across the block or across the state. It’s simple for job site safety to take center stage in the construction industry.

Although loading, securing, and unloading your construction equipment are equally critical, job site safety is extremely important as well. Failure to fasten your equipment securely for transport can have serious repercussions, including harm to the equipment and the vehicle you’re using to transport it.

This is why we take so many precautions to ensure safety. This allows us to avoid fines for violations, vehicles that are no longer in service, and even harm or fatality to the driver and other parties who may be involved in an accident.

Let the Murphy Rigging team handle all of these things for you so you can rest easy and know your equipment will be handled professionally.

Equipment Transportation, Heavy Equipment Hauling