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Millwright Services

Do you have complex industrial equipment that needs to be moved and requires installation and dismantling?

Our expert millwrights will carefully handle your equipment to ensure the proper equipment settings and alignment. Because we take great pride in our work, we will take the time to understand your equipment’s load-bearing capabilities and blueprints fully. You can also take advantage of our certified welding services and optic leveling capabilities to complete your job with the highest precision.

  • Millwrighting
  • Certified Welding
  • Optic Leveling
Millwright Services

Faro Laser

Alignment and leveling with a Faro Laser

Long term success begins with alignment on the factory floor. With the Faro Laser Tracker alignment of rolls and press equipment along with CMM alignment is much more accurate and cost effective. This creates less down time for machinery and ensures equipment is ready to run efficiently and accurately