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Millwright Services

Do you have complex industrial equipment that needs to be moved and requires installation and dismantling?

Murphy is known for our rigging and erecting services, but after a load has been prepared and moved, there is often a need remaining for the installation and setup of machinery and equipment. This is where our millwright services come into play. As a trusted millwright company, Murphy Rigging regularly provides experienced professionals to install, repair, dismantle, maintain, and move industrial and manufacturing machinery. 

Our expert millwrights will carefully handle your equipment to ensure the proper equipment settings and alignment. Because we take great pride in our work, we will take the time to understand your equipment’s load-bearing capabilities and blueprints fully. You can also take advantage of our certified welding services and optic leveling capabilities to complete your job with the highest precision.

Three of the most common aspects of professional millwright services are;

Millwright Services

Faro Laser

Optic Leveling

Precision is very important in millwright services, and Murphy Rigging goes above and beyond by having the ability to offer optic leveling, such as with a Faro Laser. This cutting-edge technology makes it possible to position and level machines with an accuracy that is unmatched. This creates less downtime for machinery and ensures equipment is ready to run efficiently and accurately from the very beginning, not to mention this precision installation also lowers the chance of breakdowns and repairs that can cost a lot of money.

Millwright Services for Modern Business

Millwright services are an everyday part of the work here at Murphy Rigging. A millwright professional’s job is setting, installing, aligning, and leveling specialized equipment and machinery for various industrial applications. A millwright company provides precise work to ensure the proper fitment and operation of the machines and equipment that they install. Because they so often work on projects of differing shapes and sizes, millwright professionals are trained to learn quickly while on the job and to do so with precision. A millwright’s work also includes reading and interpreting various work orders and plans, as well as finding the best solution for equipment to be installed and operated effectively.

Millwright services teams have a variety of tools to secure and level machinery. Teams will carry standard tools like wrenches and sockets to more specialized tools and jobs such as welders. Millwrights handle many different parts of a job and are experts at all things installation. From assembly and precision handling to everyday industrial equipment maintenance, millwrights have the training and experience to make sure everything will work correctly. In many jobs, the main component of proper equipment transportation and setup is welding and fabrication. While a millwright’s job isn’t only to weld, millwrights are skilled welders and experts in the field for various tasks with welding and oxyacetylene torch cutting. Learn about our precision welding fabrication here.

A Leading Millwright Company

There is a lot that goes into being a professional and trusted millwright company. It takes more than simply having the right tools and a basic understanding of the work. Murphy has developed years of experience performing all aspects of millwright services, so we’ve come to understand all that it takes to successfully take care of our clients.

For example, to ensure the correct fit for each installation millwrights learn how to read precise work orders and blueprints for various jobs. An understanding of measurements, different fluids, and various parts of the machinery being installed comes in handy, and this is something our team has developed with years of experience. Many millwrights learn through apprenticeship and work their way up over about 3-4 years to learn all the skills needed. Murphy’s millwright services team is extremely experienced and has tenured millwrights on staff for every job.

Variety is a huge part of the job as well. While a small precision job may be available on some days, heavy lifting and machinery moving may be needed the next day. The Murphy team is well-rounded and ready for any different type of rigging or millwright job.

Welding Fabrication, Fabrication Welding

Certified Welding

In addition to our skills as millwrights, Murphy Rigging also provides qualified and certified welding services. With this extra skill, we can handle any welding needs that might come up during the installation or repair process. Welding is an important part of setting up machinery, and having certified welders on hand makes sure that all welding work is done to the best quality and safety standards. 

Welding is a very important part of machinery setup, maintenance, and repair. Welding is the process of fusing together different parts in a way that keeps the equipment’s structure from falling apart. Skilled welders have gone through extensive training and have the certifications they need to do welding jobs to the highest standards.

Certification as a welder shows how well a person knows different welding methods, safety rules, and the use of specialized equipment. Murphy Rigging makes sure that every weld is done carefully and according to strict quality control standards. Our millwright services certified welders also know how to follow safety rules, which reduces the chance of accidents and makes sure that machinery works safely.

Safe and Professional Millwright Services

Millwrights are one of the most versatile people available and may perform simple jobs like a general laborer at times, but also have the skills and experience to take on precision work and specialized jobs.  In the industrial and manufacturing world, millwrights are often referred to as “jacks of all trades” because they can do so many different things. They are an invaluable resource on any job site. Their versatility is unmatched, and they are a key part of making sure that complicated tools and machinery work smoothly. Their many skills and years of experience make them stand out when it comes to precise work and specialized jobs like welding, cutting, and aligning. Our team of millwright services professionals are trained to handle virtually any installation, alignment, or maintenance project safely and effectively. 

Murphy Rigging is a trusted millwright company. Ask Murphy about our team of rigging and millwright experts and how they can help with your next machinery installation job!


What are some common tasks performed by millwrights?

Industrial machinery and equipment installation, maintenance, and repair are among the many duties carried out by millwrights. Assembling and disassembling machinery, aligning and leveling equipment to exact specifications, diagnosing mechanical problems, changing worn-out or damaged parts, lubricating moving parts, carrying out preventive maintenance inspections, and making sure safety rules and standards are followed are a few typical tasks. For millwrights to detect and fix machinery problems, they need to be very mechanically inclined, detail-oriented, and capable of solving puzzles.

What qualifications and certifications do millwrights hold?

Millwrights undergo rigorous training and certification programs to develop the skills and knowledge required for their profession. They typically complete apprenticeship programs, which combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction, to learn the fundamentals of mechanical systems, equipment maintenance, blueprint reading, welding, and other relevant skills. Additionally, many millwrights obtain certifications from organizations such as the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) or the Millwrights, Machinery Erectors and Maintenance Mechanics of North America (MM&P) to validate their expertise and proficiency in the field.

What industries commonly use millwright services?

A wide range of industries, including manufacturing, energy production, food processing, the automobile industry, pharmaceuticals, and more, depend on millwright services. The knowledge and skills of millwrights can be useful to any industry that produces goods or services using large machinery and equipment. Millwrights are skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of industrial applications, whether they are establishing manufacturing lines, maintaining conveyor systems, or fixing hydraulic presses.

How do millwright services impact operational efficiency and productivity?

Optimizing the performance and dependability of industrial machinery has a direct impact on operational efficiency and production, and millwright services are essential for this. Millwrights guarantee that machinery is installed, maintained, and repaired correctly in order to minimize downtime, minimize expensive breakdowns, and increase uptime. This enables companies to reach production goals, keep up efficient production procedures, and provide clients with high-quality products on schedule. For industrial businesses, investing in millwright services can ultimately result in significant cost savings and competitive benefits.

How do millwright services handle emergency repair situations?

Service providers for millwrights are aware that unplanned equipment failures can reduce output and have an adverse effect on finances. For this reason, a lot of them provide emergency repair services to quickly handle mechanical problems that arise. When an emergency arises, millwrights put speedy response times first and send out skilled specialists who have all the equipment and tools needed to identify and fix the issue right away. Millwrights are qualified to manage emergency repair situations with professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail, regardless of the situation—whether it’s a breakdown during a crucial production run or a malfunction that poses safety issues.