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Crane & Rigging Services

If you need to lift, move, transport, install or store heavy equipment, Murphy can help.

The handling of oversized and overweight machinery and equipment, including transporting and installation, is the primary role of a rigging company. These things are a specialty of Murphy Rigging and Erecting. Our team takes on tasks like heavy hauling, over-the-road transportation, and intricate machinery installations that call for expert rigging and millwright workers.

Murphy offers a variety of custom crane and rigging services to meet the needs of customers in diverse industries. Thanks to a variety of gear and equipment made expressly for this kind of work, moving huge objects has become an easy chore for us. Murphy Rigging is capable of completing any heavy haul job in the United States, thanks to our fleet of professional forklifts, gantry systems, boom trucks, truck cranes, and specialty tractor/trailers.

We have a wide range of cranes and other equipment at our disposal, as well as deep rigging expertise to help you complete your job successfully.

  • Crane Services
  • Rigging Services
  • Machinery and heavy equipment removal/installation
Rigging Services, Rigging Company

Seasoned Solutions for Equipment Installation and Relocation

With over 110 years of experience, Murphy is an experienced rigging company that has been handling millwright and rigging services for countless industries long enough to know how to do it properly.  When a project calls for a specialized team to handle unique projects where things are oversized and require heavy-haul capabilities, Murphy gets the call. When these projects come up, our staff is ready to take care of all the unique and oversized tasks that call for expertise and specialized tools.

Heavy Rigging Equipment

Moving large equipment is a complex feat that requires careful planning and expertise. You need to have people on hand who understand the different factors involved in getting the job done right. These include the weather, environment, load limits of the equipment, and more.

You also need to have the most appropriate heavy rigging equipment for each unique situation, from eye bolts to rigging hooks to spreader bars. We always ensure we select the right equipment to help us complete the job safely and efficiently. That way, you get the best results and are able to move your equipment to precisely where it needs to go.

To ensure safety, we also only use heavy rigging equipment that is in good condition, and we use it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We regularly inspect and maintain the rigging services equipment so that it lasts longer and our jobs go smoothly. By carefully considering the needs of each project, we’re able to help you get your large items from point A to point B safely and efficiently.

Specialized Cranes

Without expert crane work, rigging projects could not be completed. For these jobs, Murphy Rigging offers a wide range of cranes. You need the right tools to move large equipment when it comes to rigging services. We have a fleet of specialized cranes that make lifting and transferring large pieces of equipment simple. Using the proper crane for a particular operation out of the many various models available is crucial. We have telescoping cranes, loader cranes, truck-mounted cranes, and more in our fleet.

Rigging Company

Heavy Haul Truck Transport

One of Murphy’s strongest skills is heavy haul and over-dimensional moving, another key aspect of rigging services. Wide load transportation is a typical aspect of our work, and our knowledgeable team can manage projects of any size. Murphy is equipped to handle any project since we have tri-axle, tilt bed, and multi-level (step deck) trailers available. 

Murphy does more than just carry things. In order to transfer huge things safely, we are also experienced in obtaining the appropriate permits, devising efficient routes, and organizing the ideal escorts. Murphy Rigging company is there for you from start to finish when it comes to heavy haul transportation.

Oversized Storage Facilities

Murphy offers oversized storage so large objects have a secure place to be if you have a massive piece of equipment or valuable assets that you do not currently have a need for. With both indoor and outdoor rooms designated for oversized storage, Murphy’s storage facilities take size into account. 

Murphy offers lots of yard space where your belongings can be securely stored outdoors. When it comes to interior storage, we have big doors that make it possible for flatbed trucks to be backed right up to the facility, where our team of seasoned professionals—who have an average of 20 years of experience—can unload your belongings and store them securely.

Expert Millwright and Rigging Services

After transferring your large items, setting up and installing machinery and equipment is frequently the next stage. In factories and production facilities, this is certainly typical. This is why Murphy Rigging also specializes in millwright and machinery installation. Your valuable and important equipment can be installed on-site by our team of millwrights in accordance with your specific needs. 

Our team of professionals who all have extensive training in the installation, upkeep, and repair of equipment, are known as millwrights. They utilize tools like bolters and welders to position and align complicated equipment in the right spot. Additionally, they have the know-how to construct the materials and parts required to make everything function properly as needed. Our millwright services are capable of handling any project you may have thanks to our skillset in cutting, welding, fitting, and installation.

Common Industries For Our Rigging Services

When millwright and rigging services are required, Murphy Rigging frequently works with the following industries:

  • Telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Aviation
  • Brewing
  • Building and Construction
  • Defense
  • Houses of Worship 
  • Arts and Museums
  • Manufacturing
  • Medicine
  • Printing
  • Research, Academics, and Science
  • Sculptures

Murphy’s project management abilities are unmatched, with world-class service, tools, and experience. Reach out to our team and discover for yourself the Murphy difference.


What types of cranes are commonly used in rigging projects?

Cranes used in rigging projects vary depending on the specific requirements of the job. Common types include mobile cranes (such as hydraulic cranes and truck-mounted cranes), tower cranes, overhead cranes, and gantry cranes. The choice of crane depends on factors like the weight and size of the load, the height and reach needed, and the site conditions.

How do you determine the cost of crane and rigging services?

The cost of crane and rigging services depends on several factors, including the type and size of crane needed, the duration of the project, the complexity of the rigging requirements, and any additional services such as transportation and permits. It’s best to request a quote based on the specific details of your project to get an accurate estimate of costs.

What safety measures are in place during rigging operations?

When it comes to rigging operations, safety is crucial for safeguarding both personnel and assets. The use of safety harnesses and personal protective equipment (PPE), adherence to weight restrictions and load calculations, thorough equipment inspection and maintenance, appropriate training for operators and riggers, and following set procedures for lifting and moving loads are all examples of safety measures. Updating processes and conducting regular safety audits contribute to the preservation of a secure workplace.

Do you provide rigging services for specialized industries or projects?

Yes, we provide rigging services for a variety of projects and industries. Whether you require assistance with handling delicate equipment, installing structural components, or lifting large machinery, our team of experts can customize our services to match the unique requirements of your project and industry. We collaborate closely with customers to provide specialized rigging solutions that put accuracy, efficiency, and safety first.

What steps are involved in the rigging process from start to finish?

The rigging process typically begins with a thorough assessment of the project requirements, including the size and weight of the load, site conditions, and any potential hazards. Next, our team develops a detailed rigging plan that outlines the equipment needed, lifting techniques, and safety measures. Once the plan is approved, we mobilize our crew and equipment to the site and begin the rigging operation, which may involve assembling and positioning the crane, attaching rigging equipment to the load, and carefully lifting and moving the load to its destination. Throughout the process, we maintain constant communication and vigilance to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation.