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Rail Logistics

Rail Logistics and Rigging

For many American businesses, rail freight logistics is the perfect shipping option. Intermodal transportation has grown in appeal as a result of the supply chain industry’s truck driver scarcity. Due to economies of scale, competitive shipping rates, and effective distribution, it also provides lower expenses.

Rail logistics focuses on effectively delivering bulk materials over long distances through the railroads’ extensive network of tracks spanning North America. Rail service can only move between buildings or yards that are specifically designed to handle bulk freight. 

Rail service can only move between buildings or yards that are specifically designed to handle bulk freight. The difficulty for the majority of businesses that may benefit from the service is that freight needs to be moved between rail-sided buildings, which are few and far between due to the expense and logistics needed to lay the tracks off the main line to a rail-sided structure. 

Through our sister company, Murphy Logistics, we are able to offer full-service rail transport that goes directly through our secure warehousing and storage facilities, where the team at Murphy Rigging can then provide rail loading or rail unloading services. By partnering with Murphy, we can offer the cross-docking services needed to transfer the freight from a truck onto rail equipment, or vice-versa.

Rail Freight Logistics

Rigging in rail freight logistics is about making sure that your items are loaded and unloaded safely and effectively when you ship by rail. You can have full confidence that your cargo will be treated with care as it sets off on its journey and travels to its destination, thanks to our superior equipment and years of experience in the industry.

Railroad Crane Services

It can be helpful to have a reliable supplier for rail crane services if you need to transfer equipment and commodities, install new equipment, build new structures, or clean up after a railroad catastrophe.

With Murphy, our railroad crane services allow you to address all rail-related rigging needs.  Making sure you receive the best service possible when working with a rail crane service provider is crucial because hoisting operations on rails can involve extensive planning and preparation.

Here are a few examples of the railroad crane services we can offer:

Rail Loading and Unloading

Rail loading and unloading in rail freight logistics is the process of loading or unloading freight onto or from a train with the use of material-moving machinery. Chemicals, bulk materials like coal and grain, or commercial goods can all be shipped via rail.

Before, during, and after loading, duties include inspecting shipping tanks or railcars and cleaning as necessary. You use adjustable loading ramps, secure trucks with chocks, and control bridge plates at railcar connections to guarantee loading operations go smoothly while keeping safety regulations in mind. 

Other responsibilities include keeping track of all loading activities and verifying that goods fulfill quality requirements. To quickly conduct routine maintenance and repairs, coordination with the maintenance team is also necessary.

Rail Rigging

Services for Emergency Derailments

Because we understand how crucial it is to keep trains moving, we are available every day of the year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can get you rolling quickly because of our many years of experience, a crew that is always on call, and a huge selection of vehicles and equipment made for derailments.

Railroad Load Adjustments

We can straighten out a trailer or rail car that has been damaged, unbalanced, displaced, or overloaded. We make it a priority to stay current on the AAR Loading Rules so that you can be sure your cargo will be authorized to travel safely and securely. To get your loads back up to par, we always keep a regular supply of dunnage and other items on hand.

Rail Car Relocation

We have the knowledge to load and secure damaged engines or rail cars according to AAR loading standards and regulations, so you can rest assured the task is done correctly. Utilizing our stretch trailer and boxcar mover, we can also transport large items such as automobiles.

Railroad Wheel Change Outs

Because we are aware of how problematic moving or lifting a locomotive may be, we have a team and the equipment capable of changing traction motors and wheels on rail cars.

Things to Remember With Rail Logistics and Rigging

Rail Safety

Because your cargo is valuable, you should work with a business that prioritizes safety. Make sure the business you select has the necessary tools and a team of skilled workers to do the job. You should also pick a company that complies with any loading and unloading regulations established by any city, state, or local government for rail freight logistics.


A seasoned business provides more peace of mind than one that starts overnight. Utilizing a seasoned rail rigging business guarantees that your goods will be appropriately loaded and unloaded. Additionally, working with an established business enables you to develop partnerships that you can rely on for your needs related to rail transportation.

When it comes down to it, you need to know you can trust your rail logistics and rail rigging partner. At Murphy Rigging, we have been specializing in moving and safely handling equipment and materials for many years. That means we’ve likely seen just about everything. Whatever your need, our team is ready to help answer your questions.