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Industries Served

Murphy Rigging and Erecting offers a number of services to help make your next project go smoothly and successfully. We have experienced teams specializing in the following types of industries, so you can know you’re getting the best and most professional results.


With extensive knowledge in the printing industry, we have a proven track record with companies such as Gannett Publishing and USA Today. Whether we are relocating printing presses or installing machinery, Murphy Rigging promises excellent results delivered with care.


At Murphy Rigging we have proven ourselves to be highly knowledgeable when it comes to working within the medical industry. We have worked with some of the most respected hospitals and clinics in Minnesota. We have helped move and install pieces of equipment such as X-Ray machines, MRI machines and Lab equipment.


Murphy Rigging handles every job with attention to detail, which is why KSTP tasked us with installing their new “Weather Ball” on top of their building. We have crafted solutions for the most delicate and precise jobs when it comes to telecommunications installation.


No matter the size of machinery or equipment, Murphy Rigging can solve your moving demands. Whether you are shipping overseas, or moving across town, Murphy can move machinery or equipment with and attention to detail and precision results.


Our rigging and millwright professionals can handle delicate and fragile materials with precision and care. We have substantial experience when it comes to moving, relocating and erecting items such as statues and artifacts.


Murphy Rigging can handle projects of any size for rail loading and unloading. We have access to all Class 1 Rail providers, through private spurs. We handle the loading/unloading and securing of each load with precision and care every time!