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Machinery & Equipment Warehouse, Temperature Controlled Warehouse

Equipment Storage & Machinery Warehousing

Machinery Warehousing & Equipment Storage Solutions for Any Need

Every industry can benefit from Murphy’s customized warehouse and distribution services. In addition to our millwright and erecting services, we also offer top-notch distribution and warehousing options such as safe outdoor commercial storage. Through our close business partner, Murphy Logistics, we offer a storage capacity of more than 250,000 square feet at the Shakopee facility for machinery warehousing, which has a gated, guard shack controlled access. Besides the location in Kansas City, Murphy also has additional outdoor-ready facilities in the Twin Cities region. With both a temperature controlled warehouse and industrial outdoor storage, Murphy has the machinery warehouse solution for anything from extra truck parking to storing a range of goods and commodities.

Storage Security

A primary concern with choosing a machinery and equipment storage partner is ensuring security. We provide the best alternatives available for outdoor industrial storage in our gated, secure yards as well as indoor equipment storage space. Your inventory is safe in Murphy’s hands, from trailer storage and parking choices for transportation businesses to the storage of building materials for industrial contractors. Additionally, security measures can be altered as necessary to meet customer requirements. We’re happy to discuss the security measures for your industrial storage so that we can create the ideal solution for you.

Custom Storage

We have a large warehouse capable of storing any machinery large or small in our temperature controlled warehouse. We also have outdoor storage available in our secure lot. Many of our customers use our machinery & equipment warehouse for short-term or long-term storage prior to machinery delivery and installation. We offer drayage from the railyard, cross docking/trans-loading, palletizing of equipment, load adjustments, and a 24/7 monitored security system.

Overflow Parking and Outdoor Storage

Finding parking for transportation businesses is a challenge because of the escalating cost of real estate and the constrained amount of space in many metro areas. For overflow, overnight, and long-term parking options, fleets of all sizes can benefit greatly from using Murphy’s secure parking lots. Our industrial outdoor storage choices may be an ideal solution whether you need trailer storage for ongoing overflow parking or simply a few extra places for your busy season. Up to huge fleets using our parking lots all around the metro area, we work with owner-operators searching for a secure parking spot as well as construction companies needing machinery warehousing for storing seldom-used equipment.

Outdoor Storage Equipment

When it comes to machinery warehousing & equipment storage space, our specialized warehousing and distribution equipment guarantee that the job is done correctly each and every time. To transfer, store, and load commodities for industrial outdoor storage, additional equipment is required. Oversized and heavy materials can also be handled with the use of heavy-duty forklifts that are made to operate in an outside setting. All of the equipment we use is handled safely by our crew thanks to their training.

Customized Storage Solutions

There are numerous options for industrial outdoor storage along with our equipment storage capabilities. While product racking in a warehouse increases productivity, stacking is typically the best choice when it comes to outdoor storage. Metals, shingles, and other industrial materials are frequently ideal choices for stacked storage alternatives in an outdoor storage environment. In fact, our efficient outdoor industrial storage spaces are compatible with the majority of building materials. When products are packaged together for distribution and transport, stacking might also be a smart alternative.

In addition to improving storage efficiency, this facilitates the operator’s quick and efficient handling of goods and supplies. Our temperature controlled warehouse allows for the safe storage of almost anything you have. This is not to mention the outdoor space we have as a machinery and equipment warehouse and storage provider. When searching for machinery warehousing & equipment storage facilities, Murphy has the solutions to meet all of your needs.

Find Your Equipment Warehousing and Storage Solution

Do you need a secure, temperature controlled warehouse or custom storage location to store your cargo? Looking for equipment storage and secure machinery warehousing for your custom requirements? Our close working partner, Murphy Logistics, has 14 campuses throughout Minnesota and Missouri and over 3 million feet of warehouse space. We can help you meet your custom industrial storage requirements and safely store your cargo for as long as you require.

  • Partners with Murphy Logistics
  • 15 facilities with over 3.5 million sq. ft. available