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What We Do at Murphy Rigging and Erecting

Full Service Rigging, Heavy Haul, Millwright Services, Custom Crating & More

As a company that has been in operation for over 110 years, with a team that averages over 20 years in the rigging industry, there isn’t a whole lot that we haven’t seen or done. Murphy Rigging and Erecting can handle customer demand around the world no matter the industry, type of project, or expertise required. 

Our tenured rigging and millwright professionals take great pride in their work, and it shows in each and every project. For custom crating, heavy rigging equipment, millwright services and more, people know they can trust Murphy!

This is primarily because we have proven time and time again that we are experts in rigging services, heavy haul transport, and millwright services, and our customers know we provide excellent solutions and services for numerous industries, from art to manufacturing and more. 

Our specialized rigging equipment, which includes specialized tools and systems, is capable of handling up to 450 tons! Whether you need turn-key plant support or want to pack up and move large equipment with our export preparations and custom crating solutions, Murphy Rigging has you covered. We even offer secure, temp-controlled warehousing if needed for any project.

Project Management

When it comes to the rigging, transportation, millwright, crating, or crane services we do for our customers, no two projects are ever exactly alike. Each of these types of projects are highly technical, and completing them requires in-depth knowledge and planning. With an average of 20 years of experience, the experts on our project management staff can provide the right custom solution for your job so you can meet your objectives.

  • Average over 20 years experience
  • Custom solutions for each job

Services That Set Us Apart

While the challenges presented with each new job may be unique, we’ve mastered the art of rigging and erecting to a superior level that countless businesses have learned they can count on. Between the rigging and erecting offered by Murphy Rigging, and other logistics solutions we can offer through our Murphy Logistics brand, we have you covered!

Here are a couple of the things we excel at when it comes to your rigging and erecting needs.

Rigging and Millwright, Machinery Movers

Custom Crating

No two projects are exactly alike, which is why we offer custom crating services to help you transport industrial equipment, artwork, medical equipment, and other delicate or heavy items. With every crating job, we put significant thought and care into planning an appropriate system to fit our customer’s needs. This way, we can give their items the protection they require to transport them safely and efficiently.

There are a wide variety of crate types with varying load capacities, and suitable cushioning materials are required to handle shifting weight and vibration during transport. By taking the time to consider the details of your situation, we can design and build a unique crating system that is well suited for the job.

Since the safety of your item is crucial, we only use the highest-quality crating and cushioning materials to ensure that it stays in place during travel. At Murphy, we produce crating systems that get the job done right for our customers so that they can rest at ease.

Export Preparation and Crating Services

If you have unique cargo that requires special considerations for shipping, turn to the experts at Murphy. We can produce custom crating for your art or equipment of any size or dimensions. And your crating and cushioning materials will be well-designed to help it withstand the rigors of travel. We will ensure it gets to its destination without a hitch by properly blocking, saddling, and bracing your cargo. Need temporary or long term custom storage? We can help there too.

  • Custom crating for any size
  • Safe transport for exports