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6 Considerations When Hiring a Rigging Company

If you are tasked with moving a heavy object, you may discover that you need to hire a rigging company. Companies that specialize in rigging transport heavy objects, such as commercial AC equipment, heavy machinery, and oversized construction equipment, among other things. In brief, they transport items for which no one else has the necessary equipment, labor, or knowledge.

When a project requires the lifting and transporting of large machinery or equipment, there are numerous factors to consider. You must first assess if you can perform the task yourself or whether you should hire a professional rigging company. To appreciate these considerations, we should first better understand just what a rigging company does.

Features of a Rigging Company

Rigging companies have three primary responsibilities, and while each one may be performed independently at times, it is common that all three of these roles are required for most rigging company projects.


Riggers start the rigging process by lifting the load. They handle planning the move and doing the calculations. Riggers are the team doing the heavy lifting. They are often assisted by crane operators who lift and place the load in its new spot. They do this using hoists and cranes to place the load exactly where it needs to be.

While you may be able to do some of this yourself, especially if the move is taking place between two close locations, depending on the scope of your move you may be better off hiring a specialized team that has safely and effectively done these types of moves before.


Moving some loads requires disconnecting and connecting things before and after the move. This is where millwrighting comes into play. Millwrights frequently work on large-scale mechanical and industrial projects. Installation, upkeep, and repair of industrial machinery and equipment are among the fundamental millwright capabilities. They align and swap out the different components of a machine using specialized tools.


When the load is traveling more than a short distance within the same facility, there will likely be a need for transportation. Logistics companies provide this service, by so can a full-service rigging company.
Rigging equipment transportation is done by professionals who calculate the quickest route, the travel time, and take into account every safety consideration. The specialized heavy haul equipment utilized in rigging projects is capable of handling the toughest rigging projects, in any setting. This rigging aspect of transportation can transport loads locally and across the country while using the proper tools to safeguard your priceless cargo.

Rigging Company Safety

When selecting a rigging company, considerations including equipment, experience, and safety are crucial. If a rigging company lacks the necessary tools to do a project, how can you expect them to execute the job effectively? For a move to be successful, the appropriate tools must be used. Make certain that the rigging company you select has testimonials, reviews, or some other evidence of positive results.

Professional rigging companies take pride in ensuring that their staff members obtain the most recent safety training available. A top rigging company will ensure that every person receives training in accordance with the most recent OSHA regulations so that they can accomplish projects with care, on schedule, and within the allocated budget.

The 6 Rigging Company Considerations

Now that we have a better understanding of what a rigging company is and how they are different from other types of companies with large equipment, where do you begin? Consider the following six factors when selecting a rigging company.


Communication is essential, particularly when your project has a lot on the line. You require a rigging company partner who will maintain the degree of communication you expect. Do they offer advice on planning and organizing details? Do they identify risks you wouldn’t have thought of? Do they seek to understand their exact tasks and roles? Do they respond to your messages promptly? Find a rigging company that is willing and able to address these questions and communicate to the level your project deserves.


By looking through completed projects and asking about past performance, you can gauge the reliability of a rigging company. Ask whether they have ever completed a job similar to yours. A trustworthy rigging company should be able to explain its safety philosophy and protocols, its safety record, and how they handle financial and physical risks. 

It is important to note that many general liability insurance policies don’t cover items that are lifted, moved, or transported. A top-notch rigging company will have insurance, commonly referred to as “Riggers’ Liability Coverage” as an addition to general liability insurance. The financial damages caused by the equipment being moved while in your rigger’s care, custody, and control are particularly covered by this coverage.


The OSHA C-DAC regulation which went into effect in 2010 significantly raised the bar for safety in the crane and rigging industry. This regulation calls for a rigging company to conform to a number of regulations, including using synthetic slings in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, evaluating the ground conditions, and having the right qualifications and certifications for equipment operators, signal people, lift directors, crane assembly directors, and all other positions. 

Asking a rigging company if their crew has the requisite training and qualifications to perform your project is a vital thing to remember. Not doing so could leave you vulnerable to problems and potential financial setbacks.


Most businesses when facing a rigging project usually begin by taking cost into consideration. While your project’s budget is crucial, choosing the least expensive option is generally not the best choice. A professional rigging company will be financially conscientious, respecting not only your budget but also how the project can impact your overall business.

Most businesses when facing a rigging project usually begin by taking cost into consideration. While your project’s budget is crucial, choosing the least expensive option is generally not the best choice. A professional rigging company will be financially conscientious, respecting not only your budget but also how the project can impact your overall business.
Your project is about more than just money. Professional rigging services will also consider your project deadline, ensuring risk reduction, reducing or eliminating change orders, and more. Low-cost rigging companies might leave out certain components, which could lead to unanticipated costs once the project is finished. You should also factor in the expense of a project delay or equipment damage. A conscientious rigging company will take all of these things into consideration to ensure you are satisfied with the results.


Every project has its own distinct obstacles. It’s critical to understand how your rigging company partner manages the project’s inevitable curveballs. Inquire upfront about this. What happens if the project takes longer than expected? What if this requires more personnel or tools than initially anticipated?  If these types of snags do arise during the project, a good rigging company will have ideas for mitigating them and overcoming the challenge.


Rigging projects require that a lot of information be gathered and organized into a plan. Discussing with your potential rigging company partner how they discover these details and strategize for them. 

There are some specific questions a quality rigging company should consider when preparing for your rigging project. These may include; 

  • How did they calculate a load’s weight?
  • How much room is available for clearance around the load being moved?
  • Will the rigging project proceed while production work is ongoing?
  • Are there any essential systems that can’t be turned off or disabled while the project is being carried out?
  • What interferences, if any, in the planned load path cannot be eliminated?

By considering questions such as these, and also recognizing other surprises that may pop up, a proven rigging company can creatively prepare for every potential aspect of the project.

Choosing a Rigging Company

With these details in hand, you will be better prepared to begin your next project and select a rigging company that can successfully carry out the project. It’s not rocket science to choose professional machinery movers, even though it may be easier said than done. Be sure the service provider has the knowledge and tools necessary to fulfill your needs. Use the aforementioned guidelines to establish a standard for prospective providers so that you don’t get duped by unfounded claims.

Even though this is not a comprehensive list of all the things to think about when choosing a rigging firm, these are unquestionably some of the most crucial aspects to consider.

You can trust Murphy Rigging to fulfill and exceed all of the requirements we discuss. Murphy is a seasoned rigging company partner. To ensure that each project is executed effectively, safely, and efficiently, our highly qualified and experienced crew delivers only the best results. Ready to begin your next rigging project? Speak with our team to get started.