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8 Reasons to Consider Rigging Equipment Rental

Industrial Rigging Equipment Rental

Numerous businesses have had to decide whether or not to purchase a particular piece of equipment for a project that may be one-time only. Purchasing is typically not an option for most businesses because they lack the necessary resources. When it comes to rigging equipment, the required specialized tools and equipment are commonly expensive.

Renting rigging equipment is frequently the best option for businesses that cannot afford to purchase such expensive and infrequently used equipment. Because rigging equipment is unique and specialized, it can be costly. Even purchasing used equipment is substantial. Renting enables businesses to use the equipment for a particular project for much less than the cost of a purchase, and it also allows the business to then return the specialty equipment without having to worry about storage or maintenance.

Renting rigging equipment is a cost-effective method to acquire the necessary equipment. The crane rental market is expected to increase by USD 13.02 billion USD between 2022 and 2027. Considering the high cost of even used rigging machinery and the equipment used with it, it makes sense that an increasing number of businesses are choosing rigging equipment rental.

The 8 Reasons for Rigging Equipment Rental

While you are always free to purchase the equipment, we feel it would be worthwhile to understand some of the most pertinent benefits of choosing rigging equipment rental instead. Here are eight of the primary reasons we hear from customers as to why they choose to go with rigging equipment rental over a purchase.


If your rented equipment fails, your rigging equipment rental company will provide the necessary support. Typically, rigging rentals include dependable components and service support. When necessary, the required parts can be delivered or picked up promptly. Your supplier may also dispatch a certified technician to repair the equipment on-site if necessary.

As you can see, when you choose rigging equipment rental, you receive more than simply a piece of machinery. Rental companies provide equipment that is regularly maintained and serviced so you have peace of mind.  You can rest assured that you are using equipment that is durable, certified, and safe equipment.


The majority of rigging projects require specialized types of equipment. A reputable rigging equipment rental company allows you to rent the specific piece of equipment you need, and because they typically maintain only the newest and best models of this specialized equipment, you can choose from a large inventory to find the ideal option.


There are numerous economic reasons why renting rigging equipment is preferable to purchasing it altogether. Purchasing hoisting and rigging equipment is an expensive capital investment that most businesses cannot afford. 

Additionally, you must consider the annual depreciation that comes with equipment ownership. For many enterprises, renting equipment is a more flexible and cost-effective option. Many rigging rental companies also offer flexible payment terms, allowing you to better manage the project’s budget.

Freedom from Commitment

The purchase of rigging equipment is a long-term investment. Deciding you chose the wrong equipment is simply not an option. To make matters worse, selling this specialized equipment is typically challenging. Consequently, many businesses and contractors prefer renting over purchasing.

A rigging rental provider will assist you in selecting the most suitable equipment for your project. Additionally, if you realize you need something different, the rigging equipment rental company will work with you to replace the equipment with something more unsuitable.


Given the delicate nature of the wire cables, harnesses, and other rigging equipment, it makes sense that they are handled with care. It is essential to keep this equipment off the floor and away from dust, precipitation, steam, salt water, and chemical vapors. This can be not only tiresome but also time-consuming and costly.

As you don’t own the equipment, you don’t have to bear the maintenance and repair costs. You can generally include the cost of repairs in your contract.

In some cases, emergency repairs often cost more than it would for a rigging rental for a couple of days. Rentals are a better option if you need lifting and rigging equipment in a hurry without the concern and cost of maintenance and upkeep.


As you might expect, renting rigging equipment eliminates the need to store the equipment after a job is complete. When purchasing lifting and rigging equipment, it must be stored in a secure location, typically somewhere that is well-ventilated, dry, and covered. Moisture, sunlight, chemicals, and other environmental factors can deteriorate or damage your equipment. 

Because specialty rigging equipment is used infrequently, it typically sits in storage for days, weeks, months, or even years. Assigning someone to ensure the cleanliness and functionality of this equipment will increase your overall costs. Renting rigging equipment saves money, time, space, and labor.


As technology advances, new, improved technology in rigging equipment is continually introduced to the market. The majority of companies, however, cannot afford to purchase the newest model. It’s simply not feasible to invest thousands of dollars in new equipment every few months, but you should have the most recent models available to increase productivity and safety.

Renting gives you access to the most modern lifting and rigging equipment without a long-term commitment. Most rental companies will update their inventory with the newest models regularly. If necessary, when working with a rigging equipment rental company you can trade in your current model for an upgrade.


The disposal of equipment is a concern for many organizations. As the equipment ages, you will be required to either sell it or dispose of it. Selling old lifting and rigging equipment is more difficult than it sounds. It may take days or even weeks before the item is sold or discarded.

Rental equipment rigging eliminates this burden. When renting rigging equipment, the service provider is responsible for disposal. You need not fret about relocating, disassembling, or selling the equipment.

Choosing a Rigging Equipment Rental Partner

Renting lifting and rigging equipment allows you to complete projects without making a long-term commitment. If you are unsure of what your project will require, it is also one of the best ways to discover suitable solutions. If you are still on the fence about rigging equipment rentals, the following eight reasons should help you make a more informed choice. Working with experienced machinery movers is the optimal solution to ensure success.

The team at Murphy Rigging has years of experience helping companies like yours with temporary rentals of rigging equipment and tools to help get your projects done right. We work closely with you to determine the best machinery and equipment for your project, and then we put a plan together to deliver the best experience possible. Reach out to our rigging and millwright specialists to start making your plans. Our team is happy to answer your questions and guide you forward so you feel confident with your decisions.