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Choosing Machinery Movers for your Project

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Any business relocation is a challenging task, but it is made significantly more difficult if heavy machinery needs to be moved. Among a company’s most precious assets is heavy industrial equipment. These valuable investments must be handled with care while being relocated to a new place. This calls for a rigging business with a skilled crew of heavy machinery movers and the necessary tools to transport your machinery safely. Searching for reputable heavy machinery movers will present you with many options, but a wise business will know that cost alone is not enough to base such an important decision on. There are other equally crucial elements to take into account.

What Makes Reliable Machinery Movers

The quality of the goods or services a business offers impacts its reputation. With big machinery movers, none of that is different. In today’s internet economy, you may quickly check how other customers feel about a business by typing a few words. Your search should go beyond just a few positive reviews, however. You should inquire about the company’s history and experience with your particular type of machinery. You may choose to schedule an appointment for a consultation with each business you are considering after conducting your preliminary research to further reduce your options. Give prospective machinery movers a chance to analyze your plan of action and explain how they intend to carry it out. Request recommendations if they have experience performing projects comparable to yours.

It would be good to also inquire if they have a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). Industry differences can be seen in the material that makes up an SOQ. In the case of an industrial service provider, this will often contain the number of years in business, the services they provide, and the ones they believe to be their specialties. Case studies that include all the information and pictures from their various initiatives may also be included. Details and examples of prior projects might assist you in deciding whether you should hire particular heavy machinery movers. All of their business’s certifications or distinctive credentials should be listed in the SOQ they provide.

Disassembly and Reassembly

Some industrial machinery is so big or heavy that it needs to be taken apart for relocation, and then put back together when it gets to its new site. Finding heavy machinery movers who have experience with your particular machinery might be challenging, especially if you work in an industry that is unique. Great machinery movers will also have rigging teams with access to a wealth of information and an expedited learning curve because of years of expertise moving similar heavy equipment. This enables them to quickly and precisely decide what tools and techniques are needed to disassemble, transport, and reassemble your machinery.

Industrial disassembly and reassembly involve a number of phases, which can change depending on where the equipment will be used after being dismantled. It must be disassembled with extraordinary care before being transferred to a new site for reassembly. To make sure that none of the components are harmed throughout the procedure, schematics or blueprints may be reviewed. To ensure that the pieces are put back together in the proper order and that the procedure goes smoothly, match marking is utilized.

Machinery must be thoroughly disassembled if it is permanently being deactivated, thus reducing the risk of damage. It is then necessary to classify the components by material and transport them to the proper recycling facility. It’s a good idea to choose heavy machinery movers for your project from a business that can manage every facet of the job and provides complete services.


Safety is of utmost importance when moving large machinery. Verify that the businesses you are considering have adequate safety equipment and thorough job site safety protocols. Ask them if they have any safety qualifications or training as well. These can include certifications from organizations like NCCCO and OSHA for training or affiliations in groups like ISNetworld, which enables industrial services companies to expedite contractor safety and risk management and create a safer workplace.
Another essential consideration in your choice is the age and state of the equipment the heavy machinery movers will utilize. Older equipment is less reliable and more likely to break down or malfunction. Delays, property damage, or personal injuries could result from this. You may expect a safer and quicker move from a company with well-kept, contemporary equipment. Additionally, it shows that they take pride in the work they do and care about your property.

Insurance and Licensing

Make sure the heavy equipment movers you employ have valid licensing and insurance. Heavy machinery lifting and transportation require a high level of skill and, regrettably, some degree of risk. To obtain a license, machinery movers must complete the necessary training and tests. Ensure the business you work with only hires certified, licensed operators. Crane operators must hold the relevant NCCCO certification for the specific types of cranes they operate. These licenses remain in effect for five years. After that, the operator must renew. Reputable heavy machinery movers will likely also require that all crew members possess a commercial driver’s license (CDL), which permits them to drive the trucks required to transport heavy machinery.

Asking businesses you are considering working with for confirmation that they have the required insurance coverage, and that it is up to date, is crucial. If there is an accident and your equipment is damaged, you will be responsible for paying the loss if the business was not adequately insured. The loss of equipment could cause operations at your new location to be delayed in addition to hurting your bottom line.

Expert Heavy Machinery Movers

At Murphy Rigging, we have a team of experienced heavy machinery movers that provide plant relocation, installation, machinery moving, and all types of industrial rigging throughout the midwest. From simple individual machine relocation and installation to extremely large plant-scale operations, we offer a variety of services to help your business keep running. We engage with a variety of customers from various industries.

With more than 110 years of combined expertise, our skilled crew ensures the best quality and safest rigging operations by using state-of-the-art rigging equipment, certified safety practices, and thorough inspections. To guarantee that all of your rigging requirements are carried out without problems, efficiently, and within budget, we use riggers and signalmen that have received NCCCO and OSHA training.

Murphy Rigging conducts our rigging and millwright business in a manner that preserves the environment and safeguards the health and safety of our staff, clients, and the general public. Contact us now to discuss your next machinery moving project.