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What Equipment is Used in Transportation & Rigging Services

There isn’t an industry where the tools of the trade are more important than in the rigging world. Rigging equipment helps teams to do the impossible. From lifting oversized machinery to moving heavy materials to the top of new construction, Murphy has access to the best equipment possible allowing us to complete rigging services and transportation jobs on any scale.

Everything from delicate medical equipment to hydroelectric dam generators typically need the services of rigging businesses. There are many different types of materials, some of which can be very delicate or very massive, possibly weighing up to 100 tons or more. Among these are several printing presses, generators, HVAC systems, safes, conveyors, mills, and semiconductor machinery.

Professional riggers are needed to move industrial machinery because it can be extremely risky and typically requires more than a simple forklift. When it’s necessary to securely lift and move objects that are enormous, extremely heavy, or those that are situated in a challenging position, professional abilities are required.

Crane rigging, component removal or installation, decommissioning of machinery, plant reorganization, plant relocation, machinery improvements, and a host of other sensitive and challenging operations are all handled by professional personnel from a rigging services business. A specialized mechanism, such as wire rope, canvas straps, slings, or jacks, which are all used to help move the cargo or secure it during transit, is typically required to complete the tasks required in this operation.

Here is some of the rigging and transportation equipment that helps us get the job done every day for our clients.

Rigging Services Equipment


Regular forklifts are used throughout the logistics industry to lift and move materials on pallets. They typically have weight limits from 3,000 to 10,000 pounds. In the rigging industry, forklifts are heavy-duty and able to lift up to 12,600 pounds. These forklifts are used in many capacities from moving to loading materials and machinery.


Versa lifts are even heavier duty than a large rigging forklift. With wider wheelbases and counterweights, these are designed to handle weights up to 100,000 pounds.

Heavy Duty Sliding Gantry Systems

Portable gantry systems are designed to lift items from overhead with multiple points of contact and slide without damaging any flooring.

Boom Truck Services

When items being rigged are moving to places higher than the single story that many forklifts can handle, boom trucks are designed to get the job done. Boom trucks are outfitted with a hydraulic crane that is mounted directly to the truck. They can have crane attachments or cherry picker baskets for riggers to stand in. These will typically extend about 50-70 feet high.

Truck Crane Services

Truck Cranes are much heavier duty than a boom truck. Cranes are used in the biggest and most intense rigging jobs. Crane trucks come in all shapes and sizes and require expertise and precision to operate. Cranes can be used to lift materials to the top of buildings and move materials up to 500,000 pounds depending on the configuration.

Supplemental Rigging Equipment

When your rigging services call for more than the standard crane or forklift, there are many other pieces of equipment that can make a difference.

  • Modular lifting towers
  • jacks/rollers
  • Tuggers
  • modern leveling equipment

Transportation Equipment

Winch Tractors and Specialized Trailers

Winch tractors are set up, ready to help the operator load oversized materials with a winch on board. Other specialized trailers include step-decks where the flatbed is lowered for loading and unloading.

Tri-axle Air-ride

Tri axle and air ride trailers make for a heavy-duty ride, ready to handle any load size. They also can help to make for a smoother ride with extremely heavy materials on board.

Tiltbed Trucks

Trailers with special tilting bed trailers assist in loading and unloading heavy equipment and materials.  Air ride trailers up to 800,000 lbs.

Rail Services

Rail services are one of the most efficient ways to move oversized materials. Whether shipping locally with a load that is too heavy to go over-the-road or going nationwide. Rail cars and Rail A-Frames can haul as much material as 3-5 standard dry vans. Heavy axle rail cars can also handle nearly 270,000 pounds!

What You Can Expect From Riggins Services Professionals

When the time comes for moving or relocating equipment for your business, know that there are rigging services professionals out there ready to help. With the proper experience and skills, you can rest easy knowing your rigging project will be handled properly.

We can ensure high quality services and client satisfaction because to our years of experience and skill in industrial services like rigging, machine installation, and factory relocation. 

Please get in touch with our rigging services team for additional guidance and assistance to discuss all of your rigging needs.